A Brief Point on Gay Marriage

As the Supreme Court of the United States hears the case for same-sex marriage, it’s interesting to note that there’s been a slight shift in the tide of conservative opinion in the United States.

Over at the National Review, Jonah Goldberg has written:

Maybe after the debate over gay marriage settles down, elites could focus on the far more pressing marriage crisis unfolding before their eyes.

This wouldn’t be interesting for any particular reason, other than in Britain, Mail on Sunday columnist Peter Hitchens has been saying this for some time:

My general view remains that this topic [same-sex marriage] is a diversion from the main issue – the survival or otherwise of heterosexual marriage.

I hadn’t actually seen this said by anyone on the American Right. Now that it’s been done (and it is possible that I just missed it earlier…) it makes me wonder what the axis of exchange of conservative ideas on this issue might be.

After all, a defence of an idea (stable marriage in general) is a lot easier than the criticism of an idea (that all people should have the right to get married).

It’s an interesting reorientation of the American conservative position — and I can’t help but wonder how it’ll play out.


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