Cambodia to Venice

20120301-220039.jpgSaigon from the balcony of the Caravelle Hotel.

20120301-220023.jpgExtremely clever bar name – “wat” means temple.

20120301-221133.jpgHong Kong from the harbour at night. Incidentally that is the tower from The Dark Knight.

20120302-174447.jpgPiz Gloria in Switzerland, the setting of the James Bond film (and book) On Her Majesty’s Secret Service.

20120302-174518.jpgInterlaken, Switzerland at night.

20120302-174500.jpg007 coffee in the Piz Gloria.

20120302-174538.jpgThe Grand Canal from the Rialto Bridge in Venice.

20120302-174710.jpgAnother of Interlaken at night.

20120302-174551.jpgGondolas at the Grand Canal.

20120305-173551.jpgLooking out over Venice.



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